Friday, January 29, 2010

I sware...

...My house was sparkling clean when I left this morning. I am certain that a group of gnomes came in while we are gone and left dishes out, threw dirty clothes on the floor, tracked sand all over, put finger prints on every shiny surface and tossed toys everywhere. F'ing gnomes.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Come Again?

I am going to try to start posting some of the random things my daughters' say. I have forgotten some of them, but hope to catch up on things as I remember them.
Here is one:
Rube: "The baby and the snow are not good listeners" (because the new baby is supposed to come after the snow melts, neither thing is happening)

I have a journal with me now...more to follow.

My Kids' Secret

Is it odd to think your children are extra-terrestrials sent from another planet to do research on human life? I am waiting for the day they both sit down and say, "Gimme a smoke, this shit is getting old."
If I were to guess, their research would be based on either how sleep deprivation effects the food choices mothers give their offspring or how may different types of yoga pants are there, with a side discussion on if sweats really be called yoga pants.