Sunday, February 8, 2009

Something to do while I am watching Jurassic Park.

I should just start every blog off as... I am so bad at posting blogs. So now that I have a few minutes (husband is sick in bed, girls are still napping and I am choosing not to wash the floors after spending an hour picking up most of my house), I figure I will write something. Good thing I have nothing to talk about!
But it has been a while. Since my last post I have successfully planned and executed 2 full weeks worth of dinners and we were slightly under budget for household spending for the first time in forever! Seriously, this is the shit that gets me excited?! As for sewing, I made my first tee shirt (super simple pattern that I am excited to tweek) I made a laptop bag that I dig (had to tear it apart once, but now that I know the next one will be cuter) and a iPhone/credit card wallet thingy. I also finished the Twilight series (I actually like Jacob more then Edward, kinda into the straight-forward, other side of the tracks thing). I ran 3 miles about 10 times and ran a 6 and 7 mile run OUTSIDE! Praying this weather keeps up. I have been on a few play dates, I have worked (I should be working more), I have not put my laundry away in a timely manner, I can not seem to figure out how to put dishes away after they are clean, I got knocked out in a poker tournament after a few rounds (Jeff won 5th) and I have laughed at my daughters more then I thought possible. They are so funny right now. Just starting to figure out how to put the random words together to achieve a goal, so funny to watch!
So, now you know.
I will say that this upcoming week is scaring the he-be-geebees outta me. My mother is in Florida and my Mother in Law is having eye surgery, so neither can watch the girls for me. I am sure it will not be a problem to get work done, but (cue the violins) I have not had a full week with them in a long time! Now that they are more active, I am afraid I am going to run out of things to do! I cleaned my basement so we have another area, but I am still a bit nervous. The weather has been nice so I am praying that we can get outside a bit.
Alright. Got that out of my system. Maybe I will check in sooner this time!

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