Tuesday, February 16, 2010


The girls pulled most of the books from the shelf and made a Book Pie. They said it was made by all the hungry children.

I sat on the couch and tried to get them to watch a cartoon, but "no, we want to play with books!" They are not my kids.

A friend of the family recently started a fabulouso blog called Daily Epidural. It is super Rad. They have been discussing the various types of moms, Working, Stay at Home and Work from home (or as Carrie calls it the "As if working isn't crazy enough, and parenting isn't crazy enough, let's get super freaky and combine the two" mom). When I quit my Crotch-Smelling job (meaning the job that made me wear nylons) so I could stay home with my kids, I was blessed enough to obtain a part-time, contract job doing some media type research. As it turns out, this is also a crotch-smelling job, but not in capital letters, because no one if requiring me not to shower for days on end. And the part-time work is actually a break from my full-time plus work as a mom. So, I really shouldn't blame it on that...
Back to the subject, I do quite a bit of blog research for clients and had one assignment to obtain Momblogs. Looking at them I saw SAHM, WAHM, WM and my favs, the DH/DS/DD fiasco. I immediately wanted to drop the kids off at daycare and go back to nylons. Not a fan of acronyms. But, I was sucked in. I now consider myself a SSPFSAHMWIAAWRAFDSCCCMDNLTOPIWMAD (Super Spectacular Pretty Funny Stay at Home Mom Who Is Also a Wife, Recovering Alcoholic, Friend, Daughter, Sister, Contractor, Crafter, Cook, Maid, Driver, Non-Licensed Therapist, Organizer, Playgym and Incubator with More Added Daily). But that seems a bit long, so I will just go by B.
I did not plan this. I knew I always wanted to stay home, but I had no idea how emotionally and physically difficult it would be. Non-stop life to its fullest. But a full life is a busy ass life! I am cleaning dishes constantly because I get to make food for myself and my family, I am always picking something up because we make messes while we play, I drive hours a day because we are loved and get to see people often. But, then there is the constant noise, constant mess, cheap clothes, lack of hygiene, inability to not pee when I cough, loneliness, depression, lack of adult speak and a hairdo that is beyond inappropriate.
I used to love going out. Could play video games at friends all night long or spend a whole night at a coffee shop making fun of other people. Now I pretty much have to force myself to get out with friends. I would much rather go to bed or walk around Target without kids. But I do it. At least I try. I am lucky enough to have helpful family everywhere that can watch the girls, so I can. But, I don't wanna.
Knowing what I know now, I wish I looked at the blogs before I decided to stay at home. I would do the same thing, and I would probably be just as snarky about it, but at least I would have some tools in my arsenal for the lock-yourself-in-the-bathroom kinda days.
Thankfully places like Daily Epidural are there for us! Now I know I am not alone. Not like I am going to call anyone; going to take a nap instead.