Sunday, May 4, 2008

Budget Smudget

One of my self imposed duties as a homemaker is to make sure all the bills are paid. I have never hated anything in my life until now. I hate it. My husband would be happy to take it over, but, nnoooo, I need to prove some ridiculous point to myself. I do not even know what the point is yet, but I am sure it will be good.

Before I was married I had been a full time student and waitress or some other retail whore. So, it was paycheck to paycheck with very little bills. Now, we have a steady income and more bills then I care to admit. While we are very fortunate, and I should shut it, I have this idea that if I miss something I am going to lose everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Not just the income, or the service attached to the bill, but my husband, my daughters, our home, my sanity, everything. I honestly think that if I miss a cell phone bill, my family will disappear. My reaction, miss every cell phone bill. After all if I do not deal with it it is not real...right?

So, I have started on some self imposed therapy to heal my self imposed crazy brought on by my self imposed duty list. Me me me. My therapy is to do it. Pay bills on time. Sounds easy. We will see how it goes. Next therapy, stop biting my nails.

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