Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Joys of Motherhood

My goodness, life is busy. Ok, maybe it is just a matter of perspective. After all, I am sitting here watching Young and the Restless writing in a blog. We have been blessed with some pretty good weather her lately and so we have been getting out a lot. The girls are not quite walking yet, so we go through about 3 pairs of paints a day from crawling through the dirt. Who knew I would love sitting on my stoop watching my two daughters crawl up and down the stairs. Who knew that the best part of my day is after breakfast when I collapse on the floor and the girls climb all over me. Who knew that when the girls go take a nap, I want them to wake up so we can play. I had no idea that I could feel this much joy from two little people.

Today is recovery day from this weekend. The girls stayed at their grandparents for two nights! It was torture. By Sunday morning, I wanted to fly to get them. We got a lot done without them roaming around, and I was even able to read more then a page of my book. It was good times by all. But with all the running around, we are in need of a good play at home day. So that is what we are doing. Here are some pictures to help you see why I am so in love with my girls...homemaking, that's a different story.

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