Friday, May 2, 2008

Getting Started

Damn. I am blogging. I hate me. I would rather search other blogs, get frustrated when you do not answer my questions, judge everyone and live in my own private bubble. Instead, I start my own blog. Super.

The main reason I wanted to do this is because I have not found "the site." I want answers dammit! Like, how the hell do you keep your house clean? No, really? How do you fight the urge to sit in front of the TV all day? When do you plant tomatoes in Minnesota? What can you do to help your husband understand that you are always right? How do you manage other peoples lives without managing other peoples lives? How do you keep a budget when you hate a budget? Simple questions really. So I Googled "homemaker." I have nothing against Christian Mothers. I might even be one (just don't tell my husband). But, I do have something against people who say they are Christian Mothers. It's like some group that never invited me to play. I really don't want to play, but a conversation would be nice. Apparently, homemakers are Christian. Damn. Who knew. I should have put that on my resume to stay at home with my kids.

So, that being said, I could only find things that advocated a full day of cleaning every other day, between the food shopping, lawn work, social life and the whole watching the kids thing. I have two infants and I want to play. I also want a clean house. I also want to cook good healthy dinners. And I want to make my husband happy. And I want to have creative spaces for my daughters. Oh, and I want to want to work my 10-20 hours a week. Then there is the need to hang out with friends (like that ever happens) and our families. So, how do I that? Can I google this paragraph and find the answer. mmmm, probably not.

Here is it. This is my answer. I am going to get up tomorrow, do what I can, laugh as much as possible, and have faith (see, told ya) that what needs to get done, will.

I hereby declare this blog to be my journey. It is my hope that by telling you about it, you can help me and I can help me. So, here goes. I will keep you posted.

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