Sunday, December 28, 2008


Through out this year I have learned too much for my pretty big head. One thing I retained is the major pain in the ass it is to keep a home clean without making my family sick. I know my girls will need therapy someday, I just don't want it to be because they thought I was trying to poison them with the Swiffer Wet-Jet. So, I started making my own cleaners. Note, I make them. I have not perfected the whole using them thing. I am thinking oatmeal can crust on the floor for at least 5 days. Maybe 4 if a baby is coming over.
Anywhoo, I decided to make my own cleaners for friends and family this year. "B Clean". So original I could puke. It was a hit though! I am even making some for my mom to hand out at one of her 5,000 group parties. Free advertising. cha-ching. Who knows, this site may turn into a little shop for my cleaners (someone print this out. When I am the next Mrs. Meyers, I will totally sign it).
Then, my husband (I have read chat rooms and other blogs that refer to their husband as DH and their daughter as DD. Supposedly that means Dear Husband and Dear Daughter. I think that is so not ok.) gave me a sewing machine! CRACK! I am already a member of a sewing site, I am putting the finishing touches on my first shirt (patterns can suck it), and I am redoing what was going to be our next baby room into a sewing room (pass the birth control, momma needs to create some shit). It has been 3 days. Obsessed much? I will post some pictures and stuff someday.
So, to recap some shit, I make my daughters their food, I make my own cleaner, I drive a mini-van, I knit, I sew, I own 6,498 pairs of sweatpants and I am thinking about moving to the suburbs for the schools.
I am going to make a tattoo appointment tomorrow.

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