Thursday, December 11, 2008

My past 20 Minutes

  • Chatting with hubby online, three kids pulling on my leg all the while (priorities)
  • Changed three poopy diapers
  • Fixed lunch for my girls and a separate on for my cousin's child because he will eat anything and my girls are picky biaches
  • Had my girls in highchairs and Isaac on my lap, all eating good for about 35 seconds, then Ruby melts down, then Adriana.
  • Put Isaac on floor to tend to my crabby ladies
  • Both still freaking out, Isaac stealing food from their trays, laughing, Ruby screaming.
  • Clean up girls, get nuks, put in bed.
  • Finish feeding Isaac, give bottle, put in bed.
  • All asleep in less then 2 minutes.
  • E-mailed 250 people for work
  • Drinking coffee and watching days with my tasty weight loss shake

The things we can get done when we know the couch will be ours for a few minutes.

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