Sunday, December 14, 2008

Grateful for the learning curve

I hear this stuff is supposed to get better with time. Everyone says as the kids get older, it gets easier. Ok, so they are not even two yet, so maybe that easier time comes later. Cause, damn, its still pretty f'ing hard. There are only so many foods I can think of, only so many times I can read Corduroy, only so many songs I can sing, only so many times I can say no to the tv (only to give in five minutes later), only so many times I can sweep crushed up goldfish from the floor. Ok, I could go on. I think when I signed the "I can not wait to be a mom" contract, I thought nothing else in my life would change and I would just have this (turns out it is these) little creatures following me around. What, 1 year olds don't like watching CSI??!! What the hell? That must have been in the fine print. And who knew they required three meals a day and snacks every hour?? Who has time to think of that many food ideas?
Alright, enough whining. For now.
I have called my mom more now then ever before (and that was a lot), my Google search history has more toddler and home related searches then I thought possible, I ask people where they buy their kids shoes instead of adult shoes, and I have learned how to sign via my daughters via Baby Einstein.
I am grateful for the learning curve. I am grateful that my daughters do not wake up everyday and say "Now what?" (yet) and I am grateful that there is no rules. No one says I can not put on cartoons for 10 minutes while I make dinner, or an hour and a half while I get some work done. No one says a diet of pancakes, oranges, jelly sandwiches, graham crackers, milk, hot dogs and french fries is going to hurt my kids (ok, some say that, like doctors. But, come on, they are 1.5). Just when I think I am forever ruining my children by not creating some art project everyday to complete after a healthy omelet breakfast and before a veggie burger lunch, one looks at me and says "Mommy shake booty like crocodile?"
We are going to be just fine...

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