Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Recap

Mother nature can be a bitch. While I am grateful that she blessed be with a womb to carry my two girls, I actually think I could burn down a forest as revenge for the timing of my cycle. I seem to get it every holiday season. I am usually PMS-ing on Thanksgiving and Christmas making me a homicidal/suicidal fruit cake (no pun intended). If you know me, you know that is not pretty for anyone. I actually started taking a mild anti-depressant this year to combat the mood swings at that time, but I have a superiority complex and often think I know more then my doctor, my husband, my mother, my mentor, my best friends and those sad little eyes looking at me. So, I have a habit of forgetting to take it. And, a even worse habit of forgetting to take care of myself. BUT, this year was ok. I think it is because I knew it was coming, I prepared myself, and I was too goddamn busy to think of anything but kids and plans to get too crazy.
This year, Good Ole Motha Nature also blessed us with two kids with ear infections and respiratory viruses. Good times. Try sticking a nebulizer mask on Princess Ruby and getting your Christmas Presents wrapped. Poor little buggers just followed me around whining for three days before I pulled my head out of my ass to take them in. Bad Mom example #456.
After we got that, somewhat, under control, it turned out to be one of the best holidays ever. We spent time with family, we spent time alone, we got and gave everything we could have ever wanted. I can bitch a lot. I am okay with it. But I can also see the gifts I have. Not the sewing machine or the Kindle, or the running gear or the gift certificate to the spa (I can see those clearly too). But the gifts of this life I have been given. Damn its good. To see the love in my husbands eyes, to feel my daughters hug, to watch my family laugh, to see my in laws play...Nothing can top that. Nothing can bring it down either. It is perfect.
Next other gifts :)

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