Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why I love my Mini Van

1. I can drive fast, and people think I really need to get somewhere
2. I can drive fast, and people think I have a poopy child
3. I can rock out to nursery rhymes in public
4. I can pretend I am the hot nanny
5. 2 kids, wagon, double jogger, trip to Costco, diaper bag, purse, 4 cups of unfinished coffee, ridiculous amount of stuffed animals and my mom with elbow room to spare
6. I am a bad ass in disguise
7. I can open the side doors when I am by myself to put my purse in the back seat because I am too lazy to pull the door handle
8. People assume I have kids in the back when I go through the coffee drive-thru, even if I don't
9. I can say, "I can just put it in the van" when at Home Depot, instead of waiting for my father to come with his van.
10. I at least look responsible.

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